Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Book Review: Guarding Her by Katie Reus


Book Description

She never wanted fame…

After a video of her modeling her friend’s new clothing line goes viral, Gia suddenly finds herself thrust into the spotlight. She never wanted fame—she was just having fun and helping a friend. Unfortunately now she’s got a target on her back. Someone out there will do anything to destroy her. Someone who wants her dead.

Now she’s paying the price…

As his best friend’s sister, Gia is off limits. She’s also the woman of Lawson’s dreams—and hottest fantasies. When she’s targeted by a vicious stalker, all bets are off. As a Red Stone Security expert, he’ll keep her safe at any cost. What he doesn’t know is how he’s going to keep her out of his bed, because he’s never wanted anyone as badly as he wants her. He’s all about rules—it’s why he’s such a good bodyguard—while she seems determined to test his control at every step. But if they want to survive, they’ll have to work together to stop the killer…before it’s too late.

Author note: all books in this series may be read as stand-alones, complete with HEA.

My Review

Gia agrees to model her friends clothing line for her but she never expected a video of her modeling a swimsuit would go viral. Not only does it get great comments but a few bad ones as well and one person in particular has become obsessed with her overnight fame and is not happy about it. 

Lawson likes Gia and finds her attractive but she's his best friends sister so that means she's off limits. When his best friend get married and goes off on his honeymoon, Lawson takes it upon himself to keep Gia safe when a series of bad things happen to her. Lawson works for a security company so he knows how to keep her safe but when Gia's brother finds out that his sister and Lawson are staying at his place alone, he is not happy about it. 

I liked being in the stalker's head and reading what he was thinking. It's always interesting to see how far they will go but even though we could see what he was thinking, I had no idea who it was until it was revealed. 

Having Gia and Lawson thrown together in order to keep her safe was a great way to force them to see how much they felt for each other. I liked the romance and the stalker scenes. It was a fun read with the danger and romance taking place. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.