Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Favorite Photo of the Week

Back in March my son in law and grandson went for a walk to get out of the house. People here in Las Vegas like to walk down into the tunnels and washes where the water runs when it rains here. This picture above is the entrance into one of the tunnels. The tunnels are where a lot of the homeless population lives but they didn't see anyone down here on their walk. 

Once you get past the dark tunnels some of the washes open up like this. They also had Princess the dog with them on their walk. 

My grandson seems to be enjoying himself.  As long as you don't go on a day when it's supposed to rain, the tunnels are dry and you aren't likely to run into other people unless it's one of the homeless people that live in the covered dark tunnels. But people come down to the tunnels to walk all the time. I remember 10 years ago Ken and out daughter along with a few of her friends went hiking in the tunnels. They brought along flashlights and headlamps because some of the longer, darker tunnels are very dark.