Wednesday, December 06, 2023

Book Review: Finders Keepers by PG Forte


Book Description

Sometimes finding what you want is the easy part.

Caleb is a bionic soldier with little-to-no memory of his past. Aldo's an undercover cop who's searching for the man who got away. Then there's Sally, an ER physician who used to be married to Aldo's late partner, Davis. Sally's just looking for a reason to keep on getting up every day.

This holiday season, chance will bring them together and give them an opportunity to help one another find what they each want most. But every gift comes with a price. And keeping what they've found once they've found it? Yeah, that's gonna be the hard part.

My Review

Sally meets Caleb in the ER and he's smitten with her so he asks her out but things don't go as planned when they go back to her place. Her husband passed away just a year before and her home still looks like he lives there so Caleb takes off before they do anything. So she calls her best friend, Aldo who had been her late husband's police partner. Even though Aldo had feelings for her late husband, things never went beyond that. And even though Sally has feelings for Aldo she knows they can never be a couple. 

Turns out that Caleb is working with Aldo on a case and Aldo can't seem to stop thinking about Caleb in erotic ways but Caleb is giving him mixed signals. When Aldo notices a scar on Caleb that looks very similar to one that that his late husband had because of the wound that killed him and he finds out that Caleb can't remember most of his early life because of the implants and experiments he signed up for, Aldo is suspicious that he knows more about Caleb than Caleb knows about himself. 

Aldo doesn't want Sally alone for her first Christmas without her late husband so he invites her to his cabin and also invites Caleb when he finds out they both have feelings for each other. Aldo has some ulterior motives for inviting Caleb though and secrets get revealed as the days go on with all of them there. 

Once the truth is revealed and everyone's emotions and feelings are revealed, there's really only one thing they can do. While things are a little confusing and slow in the first few pages, it quickly picks up and had me on the edge of my seat. I had a feeling what was about to be revealed but I had no idea where this story would end up and I loved it. All three of these people had been hurt and were in need of some love. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.