Sunday, January 19, 2014

Beading Kits

A friend of mine and I got to talking the other day about how I make my own earrings and she asked how I know what beads go with what wires and how to hook everything together. So I told her that I started out with ready made 'kits' that you can buy from most craft stores and now I know what I need to make the jewelry and other things I make. I figured most people knew there were these types of kits that have everything in them to make a necklace, earrings,watches, dolls ect... But apparently I was wrong. So I thought I would show you some of the kits that I have right now.

These are all different kits that include everything you need to make what is pictured on the front of the package. *The only thing you need are the tools and maybe glue. ie pliers, needle nose pliers or sewing needles*

This is a watch kit. I've made several of them and they are great. They look just like the watches you'd buy at places like Kmart and Sears and cost less. This kit was only $10 when I bought it. 

Necklace kit using tiny seed beads.

There are even doll kits.

and everything you need to make the doll comes with it.

Kits to make your table look festive.

The kit comes with all the beads and wire you need to make everything shown in the picture. 

This kit is for a necklace using a tiny seed beads. These take a while to make and you have to have a little patience because the beads are so small.

But the kit comes with everything you need. 

I've made family members necklaces and earrings as well as bracelets and they are like them. If you're looking for a fun hobby this is a great one. Starting off with a kit makes it easy to finish a piece of jewelry and the more kits you finish the more pieces of jewelry accessories you will use and find out what they are used for. Once you've gotten comfortable making some jewelry you can go to a craft store and pick out some loose beads and jewelry making accessories and make something of your choosing.