Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Review: Boone by Diana Palmer


Book Description

Diana Palmer delivers a classic tale of cowboy love with Long, Tall Texans: Boone (originally published Heart of Stone in 2008)

Rancher Boone Sinclair is the ultimate Long, Tall Texan—reticent, noble and blessed with a Texas-size stubbornness. He’s always been beguiled by the lovely Keely Welsh, but he’s kept his distance to protect her innocence. Yet Keely’s no longer a girl who needs his protection. In fact, she’s a woman out to win his heart…

My Review

Keely was totally in love with Boone but since she was only 19 years old, he saw her as too young for him even though he was attracted to her. Keely had a hard life, first her parents got divorced and she lived with her father for a couple of years where she got hurt, both mentally and physically when she was a child. Her mother is a hateful drunk and doesn't like Keely all that much and lets her know it every chance she gets. Keely keeps to herself for the most part aside from her friends Winnie and Clark who are Boone's siblings. She has a few secrets that she's been keeping to herself. 

Boone has seen war and when he came back he wasn't the same happy guy that left. He's broody, curt and downright intimidating. But he has secrets too. 

When Keely's father and scumbag friend start calling Keely's mother for money, Keely can see some changes in her mother. Her mother is scared and even stops drinking so much and starts getting along with Keely better. But Keely's father isn't stopping and wants his ex to put their house up for sale and give him the money. 

Keely tells the law in town what is going on with her father and they start looking for him. Her father has something he's holding over her mother and when she finds out what it is, it changes the way she see's her parents. When Boone finds out that Keely is in danger, it changes something in him and he starts looking out for her more even while she's faking a relationship with his brother. But nothing seems to get by Boone and he see's right through the ruse. Poor Clark is seeing a woman who just wants him for his money and Boone is going out with a woman that everyone can see is dating him for the same reason. 

While law enforcement is trying to catch her her father and his cohort, Boone has some secrets he's keeping behind the scenes as well and it messes up any kind of relationship he could have with Keely. The woman he's seeing makes sure that Boone sees Keely in the worst light possible and he ends up believing what she shows him and takes it out on Keely. Of course it's all lies, not true at all but Boone is a hot head and doesn't see reason which causes Keely to get hurt and then Bone feels awful about it. 

Keely is put in real danger from her father and the guys he's hanging around but Boone makes sure she's safe. I like that this ends well and there's a happy ending but I really disliked Boone for a while until the truth came to light as to what he was doing and why. I've liked Diana Palmer's books for a long time and this one was just as good as the others that I've read. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.