Thursday, May 15, 2014

Air Fresheners

I usually buy the Renizit cones, they last quite a while and are cheap. Only about $1 a piece. So when I saw on Amazon that Renizit has come up with a new product, I had to try it. It's called Renuzit Air Freshers Crystal Elements. And this is what they look like. They come in a bag and inside the bag are two smaller plastic pouches with these rocks in them. You just pour them onto glass dishes or into glass bowls and place them around your home. I put some in a glass dish.

I also keep my glass candle holders after I have burned the candles and the candle has melted. Just clean it out and you can reuse them.

This is how I reused this one. I filled it with some of the Renuzit Air Freshers and have it sitting on my shelf. The colored crystals in the glass are pretty and they come in different colors and scents. So far I've had them sitting out for two weeks and they are still putting off a good scent.

The bag of the Renuzit Air Freshers only cost about $6 and there was enough to fill 4 small glass jars or bowls. I'll be getting these from now on.