Sunday, July 14, 2013

Stop The Legalization of Marijuana

Do we really want a nation of stoner's?

If your answer is no, well then people better do something to stop marijuana from become legal everywhere because that's where we're heading. 

The fact is, Federal law bans the production, sale and distribution of marijuana for recreational purposes yet dispensaries are popping up all over in areas where medical pot has been legalized. So why isn't the federal government stepping in and putting a stop to it? 

All this legalization is going to have ramifications down the road. There will be more people high on pot on the roads, working, and taking care of those who they are responsible for children and elderly parents. 

There will be more people hooked on pot and seeking help for their drug dependency and who do you think will be paying for that?

And there will still be people trying to get over on the government laws by growing too much, selling to minors, doing things they shouldn't be while high like driving and operating heavy machinery, maybe even flying planes and operating on people in hospitals. All the same things we see happening with alcohol will be happening with pot given time.