Friday, November 05, 2010

Roberto's Tacos

Have you ever stopped into a new restaurant or little diner only to find it was totally awesome and couldn't believe that you hadn't been there before now?

Well, Ken and I had an experience just like that one today. We were driving down the street and saw a little sign that said, Roberto's tacos and decided it was lunch time, let's try that place. I mean they can't really f*ck up a taco, right?

We parked and went into this little place. They had pictures of all their food with the names, so pople like us who don't speak any spanish can just point to want they want on the wall. lol

I ordered a Carne Asada Burrito and ken ordered a shredded beef nachos.

My burrito was so damn big, holy molly and it was jam packed with tender steak..omg so good.

Ken got home and opened what he thought was going to be a small nachos to snack on, well it turned out to be the biggest plate of food I've ever seen labeled as nachos. lol

And it was good! We even called our daughter Elizabeth to come over and share the nachos because there was so much of it and thought she would like it. Which she did. :)

So for 12.00, we had a kick ass lunch.

Extremely Happy

>Most of you know that I write for Associated Content and this month I got a new badge on my profile. It's called the Hot 500 Badge. "The "Hot 100" and "Hot 500" are the Associated Content Contributors with the largest audience, and most engaged readers, viewers and listeners. These badges are updated once per month, and grace the profiles of the top 500 active Contributors based on the previous month's page views."

Which means that a lot of people are reading my articles! Yeah!
I have a word linked over to the right hand side of this blog, right over there -----------> :) Just click on "My Articles, to get to my articles. Thanks guys.