Wednesday, February 09, 2022

Book Review: Claimed Witch by Lily Winter


Book Description

Something other than a thirst for justice runs in her veins…

The past couple weeks have been rough for Pandora, even for a badass police detective on the fast track for promotion.

First, she’s forced to use her magic to save her grandmother from some goon looking to get on Lucifer’s good side. But is Grandma grateful? Nooo, all Pandora gets is a lecture about how she should keep her head down and act “normal”.

Next, she loses her best friend in a car accident from which Pandora herself walks away without a scratch. As if dealing with that load of guilt isn’t enough, she’s got a new partner, Atieno.

As Pandora and Atieno investigate a string of bodies turning up without a mark on them—but definitely not dead of natural causes—she’s having trouble resisting the heat building between them. But when push comes to hellfire, she doesn’t hesitate to make a choice that will change everything.

My Review

Pandora is at her grandmother's house when demons and trolls show up and try to kill her. Her grandmother gets killed but she uses her power to bring her back but at a great consequence. She and her grandmother who is a witch are able to kill the demons but because she used a lot of her power, her real father, Lucifer shows up and makes himself known. But Pandora's grandmother already knows who he is and why he's there. He hadn't realized that Pandora was his daughter or that she was Paldon's twin, both girls had been stolen from their birth mother when they were just babies. Now that they are coming of age and coming into their powers, he was able to detect them. In the first book, Banished Wolf, we met Paldon and in this book we get to know her sister, Pandora. 

Pandora is a cop and her boss knows that she's able to see what happened to the dead victims if she touches them so he let's her do that in secret so they can solve cases. People are showing up dead and Pandora is in danger from someone so her father sends her an FBI agent to help her and keep her safe. Atieno is a half vampire, half lion shifter but he's also the shifter king and not long after they meet he knows that Pandora is his mate.  But they have to work together to stop the killer from killing an

While Pandora and Atieno are working together they get to know each other and get closer. They made a great couple and I really liked how he was with her. I wasn't sure about him but he turned out to be a great guy. Pandora gets to know her family after she finally accepts the fact that Lucifer is her father and secrets surrounding her birth are revealed to her. I'm really enjoying this series so far. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.