Thursday, March 04, 2021

Product Review: St. Tropez Self Tanning Spray

The directions for this spray say to spritz on your face for a glowing self tan. But before putting something like this on my face, I decided to try it out on my arms to see what the color would be and if it would be streaky. The first day I used it, nothing happened. So I used it everyday for 3 days and I finally saw some tanning happening but it was so streaky and the color was more orange than tan. The directions didn't say to rub it at all but just spraying it on and letting it dry made it really streaky. 

As you can see on my arm, it was a streaky mess. I used it a few more days and even rubbed it all over my arm but that didn't help at all. I'm glad I didn't just spritz this stuff on my face because that would have been a nightmare. I stopped using it and threw it away. It took about a week before the orange streaking finally faded from my arms. 

So my verdict is not to use this. The color is more orange than tan, it's streaky no matter what you do and this would be terrible to spritz on your face and have patches of orange show up.