Wednesday, June 23, 2021

My Daughter is Selling on Etsy and is an Avon Rep.

Yesterday was my daughter's 30th birthday so I thought I would help my daughter out with her businesses and give her shops a boost. My daughter sells stuff on Etsy and is now an Avon Rep. First I'll show you some of the products on her Etsy shop. This is a metal marijuana leaf ashtray. 

She makes Witchcraft kits and sells them on Etsy as well. 

She also has some misc craft supplies available. 

She made this pentacle wall hanger and it's for sale.

This is another Witchcraft set. 

And she makes her own soaps that she sells in the bath gift sets. 

You can find her Etsy Shop- Brought2youbyMe at this link. She has other products on there as well.


My daughter is also selling Avon online too. You can find her online store here- Elizabeth Post Avon