Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Book Review: A Good Demon IS hard To Find by Kate Moseman


Book Description

Sometimes, a date from hell is just what you need...

When Erin thoughtlessly lays a curse on Mark, her cheating ex-husband, she doesn’t expect a well-dressed Great Earl of Hell to show up in her kitchen to fulfill the curse (and make damn good coffee while he’s at it).

Andromalius specializes in wickedness and revenge. He’s ready, willing, and able to rain down hell on Erin’s ex—but when Mark announces a hasty new marriage, Erin needs more than just revenge.

She needs a date to the wedding.

My Review

Erin is upset that her ex-husband is still bothering her about stupid little things like changing to a different church so his fiance feels more comfortable going there and now he's getting remarried. Erin accidentally summons a demon. Andromalius (Andy) tells her he can help her get some revenge on her ex. Andy isn't an evil type demon, he's more of a prankster but I just found him annoying. This is listed as a paranormal romance but there was no naughty times in the first half of the book at all. It didn't even seem like a slow burn romance, there was just no chemistry between these two at all. Andy is a demon and I guess I expected a little more evil from him but his personality just fell flat for me. I DNF'd (did not finish) this one. I just didn't want to waste anymore time on it. It just wasn't for me but that doesn't mean someone else won't like it. 

I give this book 2 out of 5 stars.