Thursday, July 05, 2018

Review: Leopard's Blood by Christine Feehan

Book Description

Though he was born into a leopard’s lair in the bayou, Joshua Tregre’s fighting skills were honed in the rain forests of Borneo. Sleek and deadly, he’s the perfect man to take over a crime syndicate back home in Louisiana’s lush swamplands. His razor-sharp instincts give him an edge in the violent underworld he knows so well, but even the watchful leopard inside him isn’t prepared for the threat that comes from the girl next door...

She is a woman who can create beauty out of thin air—and out of the ruins of her own life. The games that dangerous men play have taken their toll on her, but she is bent, not broken. And it’s her fierce spirit that’s like a lure to Joshua, a temptation he can’t resist—even if it means bringing his true nature into the light...

My Review

Sonia has had a hard life and now she's living in the swamp where she feels relatively safe. We meet her at the beginning of this book when she's trying to make it to the middle of her swamp land so she can shift and let her cat (leopard) out. A cat who's in heat but she wants to make sure they are away from any men because she doesn't trust her cat or herself. Unfortunately for her a male leopard hears her cat's mating calls and comes running. The cat's mate and then she runs off, shifts and finds herself face to face with what she thinks is a wild leopard, only he's a shifter too and they both shift and since she feels the same as her leopard who is in heat, she mates with the man she just met in the swamp. 

Holy moly, there's so much sex in this much! But I liked the story that went along with these two. Joshua is an alpha male and makes no secret of it. He finds out that she restores old houses when she disappears after her heat is over and he can't find her. So he hires her to restore his house and she's shocked when she finds out who she'll be working for. 

He knows how the shifter world works, how they think and the rules. So he finds it incredulous that she doesn't and didn't even know she was a shifter until she was older and her leopard came forward when she was in trouble and needed to be saved. He just can't wrap his head around those circumstances at first but after she explains her life to him then the spots falls in to place. 

There are so many secrets and twists in this book but they all added to the story. I do love a good twist and this had several that I really liked. When she finds herself in trouble again, I thought that it didn't make a lot of sense for her to do the things she did. But I liked the way it all worked out. 

The only thing that bothered me was the fact that Joshua called her, baby all the time. That got on my nerves a lot. There was a lot of sex but they are shifters, animals so I can over look that because they are different from humans.

Bastien and Molly need their own story as well. These two are so sweet together. Bastien is a cop and Molly is hiding from her past but he knows that there's more to her than she's letting on. The secondary characters in this book are really good and they really added to the story. 

The danger, sex and story line made this a really exciting book. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.