Friday, December 29, 2023

Best Moments of 2023


In January we had a lot of days of rain, clouds and overcast skies. I loved all the cloudy days.

In February for my birthday my daughter gave me this really pretty tree light. I love all the different colors it changes to.

In March my daughter made a small garden and even put a little fence around it with lights. We were told to take it down but we didn't and funny enough they left it alone. Didn't hear anything else about it from management. 

In April, My grandson liked his Easter basket.

But Falcor was not thrilled with his bunny ears. lol 

In May for Mother's Day my daughter made this salad platter. There was a large bed of raw spinach under all the other ingredients for the salad. 

My daughter also made Jello shots and we had a couple of alcoholic drinks. She did all the decorations. The table looked so cute. 

In June my grandson was out of school for Summer vacation and Falcor liked to crawl up with Logan to wake him up. 

My daughter ended up in the hospital for 2 days in June because her gallbladder is full of stones and was giving her pain. She thought she was going to have to have surgery to have her gallbladder removed but after a bunch of tests they found that her gallbladder was still working so she didn't have to have surgery (Best moment) but she did have to change her diet to a low fat diet so it doesn't make her gallbladder contract as much and give her pain. 

In July I rescued this pigeon who was having trouble flying. I had him sitting in a little box on my desk and waited for Animal Control to come and get him. He drank some water from me and even ate some oats from my hand while we waited. Hopefully he was just dehydrated and over heated and they were able to release him later. 

In August we were expecting a lot of rain from Hurricane Hilary but we only got a bit of rain where I live while other parts of Vegas got a lot more. But I was able to get some great cloud pictures. 

The about a week later at the end of August, a thunderstorm blew threw and we got rain for several days. Enough rain that my courtyard flooded but it didn't get in my apartment so it was all good. We had cooler temps, cloud cover and rain in my neighborhood. It flooded in other parts of Vegas but we were fine where we were so I call that a win. 

In September I had to take Falcor to the vet for an infected anal gland. After 3 different medications, a cream and 10 days of wearing a cone, he was all better. 

I tried to get a one piece pajama that he could wear instead of the cone but he figured out how to get his head in the foot hole and get at his wound. So that didn't work for long but he sure looked cute in it. 

In October my daughter decorated the apartment and put Halloween lights in the window.

Some of the Halloween decoration in October.

I made Thanksgiving for us in November. My daughter had to work that day so we ate dinner after she came home. My grandson was here as well. 

In December We decorated the tree for Christmas. 

And we decorated the apartment.

And the year wouldn't be complete without Falcor the Elf.

I hope you had some good moments this year as well.