Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cannabis Oil aka Toxic Sludge

Here's another myth, fairy tale or urban legend from the land of weed...Cannabis oil cures cancer, seizures, PTSD, Crohns disease, diabetes and other real diseases. 


If that were the case I'm sure doctors everywhere would be coming out of the woodwork to say they cured these diseases using cannabis oil and I don't know about you, but I'm not seeing that happening. 

So what is this cannabis oil that some pot heads are using to try and self treat their very real diseases? I'll tell you. 

First you get a marijuana plant and dry the leaves...
Next you have to use about 2 gallons of solvent to extract the THC from the plants..yes, you read that right..solvent like paint thinner or alcohol and they tell you that if you don't do this right, *wait, there's a right way to use solvent in this way?* that it could be toxic! Well, no kidding!

Solvents used can be pure alcohol, Naptha, benzine or ether.

Add marijuana leaves to large bowl or deep pan and add solvent, just enough to cover plants and swish around with stick. *yes this is the real directions I found on the web, you can look them up yourself they are easy to find*

Use a very well ventilated room because the vapors are toxic. *more toxicity*

Pour out the solvent into another bucket/pan..leaving the marijuana leaves behind in the first bucket. 

Add a little more solvent to the marijuana leaves in the first bucket and after swishing about with a stick for a few minutes pour off sludge looking solvent into second bucket. 

By now the solvent has taken on a tar like or black looking color. 

You can now throw away the solvent laden marijuana leaves, they are no longer useful. But they are toxic because of the toxic solvent used so discard them in a hazardous bag. 

Next you'll have to strain the solvent mixture you have through coffee filters and a strainer to get any foreign substances out of it. 

Now you are ready to 'cook' off the solvent. Add solvent to a large pan and cook on high until all the solvent has boiled away leaving only a black, tar like substance behind. Use a cooking thermometer to make sure the heat doesn't get above 290 degrees Fahrenheit. 

When there's just a tiny bit of non black solvent left in the pan with the black sludge, you'll need to add a little water to help boil off the remaining solvent. 

Now the reason I wrote out the instructions as I found them on the internet is to show you why I am calling this stuff a toxic sludge. This so called cannabis oil is supposed to be ingested orally. Yes, you are supposed to EAT this! 

I don't know about you but I'd rather not boil a pan of toxic solvent and marijuana leaves for dinner. Who in their right mind is going to ingest this stuff? There are a whole lot of brain washed, pot smoking, cannabis oil eating wackos out there and if they want to make this toxic sludge and kill themselves with it, be my guest. 

But what gets me mad is telling people who have real diseases like cancer, leukemia, diabetes and seizures that they can eat this toxic mess and it will cure them. That's a really rotten thing to do.