Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Book Review: Night's Illusion by Amanda Ashley


Book Description

Giovanni Lanzoni may just be the world's oldest male virgin. Or at least, the oldest male virgin vampire. Giovanni has clung to the vows he made a thousand years ago as a mortal priest--yet he is no longer either of those things. Others of his kind have settled down since claiming immortality, finding love, even raising children. Sensing his loneliness, Mara, Queen of the Vampires, eagerly sets out to find Giovanni the perfect mate. But only one woman, met by chance on a dark night, truly tempts him...

Cassie Douglas has never met a man she trusts as much as Giovanni. Yet the shocking truth he reveals makes her question their deep connection. There are other urgent obstacles too. Giovanni's sire, an ancient, dangerously powerful vampire, is awakening after centuries of slumber, with vengeance on his mind. And in the battle unfolding around them, everything is at risk--their lives, their loved ones, and a passionate eternity together...

My Review

Giovanni was a priest when he was human more than thirteen hundred years ago and he's kept most of his vows since he was turned into a vampire. But recently he's become lonely and started to wonder what's the point of living forever if he has no one to spend that time with. 

Cassie was attacked and Giovanni came to her rescue. He finds her mesmerizing and he's attracted to her right away. She's a little wary of him at first but he keeps showing up after her shift is over to walk her home, which she thinks is so nice of him. 

Cassie lives in a really run down place and Giovanni lives in a place that has several unused bedrooms so he offers to let her move into one of the rooms but she doesn't take him up on the offer right away. But she does eventually move in with him, they get closer while living in such close quarters. 

Mara is the queen of vampires and the oldest living vampire that they know of. She and Giovanni are friends and so she tries to help him find a girlfriend before he runs into Cassie. Mara is so sweet but scary at the same time. When Alric, Giovanni's sire wakes from being asleep for two hundred years, he wants revenge on Mara for killing someone close to him and he starts going through her friends and family to try and find her.

I knew things were about to get dangerous for Cassie and Giovanni and I was right but I had no idea what was coming. I really liked that Mara and the family all circled around him and helped out when danger approached. Cassie and Giovanni were so good for each other, they made a great couple.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. 

Disclosure: I was given an e-ARC of this book via NetGalley but all thoughts and opinions are my own.