Sunday, April 21, 2013


I finally was able to figure out how to upload a video to Youtube without that green line going through all my videos so now I have been uploading all my ratty videos I've taken. lol I also added this one of the guy who used to live across from me..He would ride his really loud Harley into the apartment courtyard, start it up in front of people's bedroom windows at 3am and didn't care.

Lucky when he was a baby.

These are 4 ratty brothers I had 4 years ago. This is Ares, Jasper, Brodie and Hades. They've all passed away now but as you can see in this video, they were a playful bunch.

Oh and if you're wondering what I had to do in order to get rid of the green line going through all my videos on youtube..all I had to do was upgrade to the new youtube. That was it. Upload times are much faster for me now too. What used to take 45 minutes to upload a 2 minutes video, now takes 6 minutes. Who knew..