Monday, January 03, 2011

The freebies I won or received in 2010

For those of you that don't know I am a freebie, blog contest winning junkie! So I thought it would be fun to post all the freebies and contests that I won this past year. I hope I can remember them

Full Size Freebies- Those freebies that came as full sized bottles, packages, boxes..ect...This list does not include any trial sized samples that I received.

1.Bar of Dove soap
2.2 Package of Oreos
3.2 bottles of Excedrin
4.Bottle of Louisiana hot sauce
5.Package of Heluva Good Dip
6.Package of Borden cheese
7.Bag of Reese’s Pieces
8.Pantene Nature Fusion shampoo
9.2 bags of Planters Trail Mix
10.Pack of 5 React gum
11.Pack of Stride gum
12.Jar of Enfamil baby formula
13.Bottle of Renu Multi-Purpose contact solution
14.Package of Oscar Mayer turkey bacon
15.Box of Kraft macaroni
16.Package of Oscar Mayer deli meat
17.Package of Uncle Ben’s rice
18.Package of Kraft Cheesy macaroni
19.Jug of Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice
20.Box of Kool-Aid
21.Box of Mac & Cheese
22.One DiGiorno’s pizza
23.Box of 100 calorie cheese bites
24.Package of Oscar Mayer deli meat
25.Box of Ritz Crackerfuls
26.2 Packages of Pilot pens
27.2 Bottles of Suave Professionals shampoo
28.DiGiorno deep dish pizza
29.Bottle of Pure Scent~sation hair remover
30.Bottle of V8 V-fusion green tea
31.Glade candle
32.EasyGlide Bic pen
33.Bag of Nutrish Dog Food
34.2-liter of refreshe soda
35.Package of Cottonelle flushable moist wipes
36.Two Proforce cleaning kits
37.Bag of Natura Advantage dog food
38.Pack of Extra Dessert Delights gum
39.Can of Pringles Xtreme chips
40.Box of Barilla pasta
41.6 bags of summer sausage bites
42.Bottle of free Dream Water
43.Bag of guinea pig food
44.Bag of Rat Bedding
45.Nettie Pot
46.Nasal Rinse
47.Box of hair dye
48.5 boxes of tampons
49.10 boxes of pads
50.9 free magazine subscriptions
51.Saw Blade
52.Scotch Painters tape
53.Exacto Knife Blades
54.4 pairs of earrings
55.1 Necklace
56.3 packets of flower seeds

List of trial sized freebies.

1.20 samples of various lotions
2.27 samples of various shampoo
3.30 samples of various conditioner
4.15 trial sized boxes of cereal
5.3 samples of cleaning cloths
6.50 child toothbrushes
7.122 samples of toothpaste
8.54 various make up samples
9.18 various skin cleaning samples
10.68 various perfume samples
11.24 various tea samples
12.326 various coffee samples
13.8 cat food samples
14.5 dog food samples
15.22 tampon and pad samples
16.9 spice samples
17.12 sugar substitute samples
18.32 drink flavoring samples
19.7 diapers, bibs and various baby samples
20.1 paint sample
21.4 cookie samples
22.9 granola bar samples
23.3 diet bar, food, drink samples
24.1 nail polish sample
25.3 Scrapbooking samples
26.12 Various candy samples

Now for the Swag Bags, free books and eBook downloads I received last year.
1.76 free books-most of them autographed!
2.8 eBooks
3.7 Swag bags filled with pens, paper, books, pen lights, candy, and various other goodies.

Gift Cards
18 various gift cards including gift cards
I think I did pretty good...Now I'm off to enter more