Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Book Review: Purge by Raven Hush


Book Description

Killian du Pont is a regular Dom and manager at Fray, Melbourne’s premiere BDSM shifter club, but he only wants to play with one girl. A girl who craves pain over pleasure, soothing his beast, a gray buck kangaroo.

Problem: she isn’t his.

Emu shifter Lux belongs to no one. Her uniform consists of a collar she bought for herself, signature dark denim and a fluff of her own shifted feathers. Her loyalty belongs to her boss but her attention is drawn to Killian who irritates her with his overprotective streak but attracts her with his personal brand of dominance.

When Killian breaks through Lux’s edgy exterior, he discovers trauma and courage, but inner strength isn’t her weakness. Lux’s past haunts her to the club’s doorstep. Killian doesn’t know where Lux stands when Fray is threatened or if he’ll lose her just as he’s found her.

My Review

Killian is a Dom and manager at club Fray, a BDSM club. He's also a kangaroo shifter. Lux is an emu shifter and a bartender at club Fray. Now let's just talk about these two for a second. An emu shifter and a kangaroo shifter, that's something I haven't read before and I loved that these were unique shifters that you don't hear a lot about. That was a lot of fun. 

Killian is a sadist and likes to inflict pain but only on willing subs. While Lux is a masochist who likes pain and is a submissive. They've never played together or done a scene together though. Lux usually plays with someone else that she trusts but she belongs to no one and likes it that way. Killian is very much interested in Lux but keeps his distance because he has a rule for himself that he doesn't play with those he works with but it's getting harder and harder to keep this rule for himself since he really likes Lux and wants to be with her. 

Lux had some secrets though and she keeps to herself for the most part and does her job. She doesn't want to get close to Killian because she doesn't trust others too easily because of something that happened in her past. When the truth comes out and we find out that some of the other shifters are racist against mixed breed shifters, it was sad. But I think it sent a really good message about accepting others for who they are and being nice to people because you never know what someone has gone through. 

Thankfully Lux has the people she works with to help her and be there for her. Once Killian breaks through the wall she's put up and they get closer and he finds out all she's been through, I was actually shocked. The violence that she went though isn't something I was expecting but the connection between these two was strong and Killian ended up being such a great guy. I loved him and how great he was with her. This story gave me a few surprises and I really liked that. The romance was sweet even though their brand of BDSM was a bit too much for me, it worked for them and the story. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.