Saturday, August 13, 2011

When to call the police

I've got several noisy neighbors as I've told you before and so often they bring their lives outside when talking on their cell phones or when they are talking to their friends. i don't know if they realize that everyone can hear everything they are saying or not, but I'm really getting to know these guys from all the conversations I am overhearing. It's not like I am eaves dropping, they are coming out of their aprtments and being loud...I mean seriously loud.

Last night the neighbor across the courtyard from me was mad at his wife...again for not coming home on time. Whatever that means. He was telling her she was 3 hours late and not to send that text or else he would have to leave and when she said she was calling the police he told her if the police come he was going to tell them to search her so she better get rid of the drugs she had on her.

Now they have two kids in that apartment, one is a toddler and one is about 14 years old. They stood outside arguing for a few minutes and then they went inside. I didn't see anything that would warrant me calling the police but I came every close to it. The only problem is the last few times I called the police on my different neighbors...the police come out, tell the neighbors who called, talk for a minute and then leave. Then the neighbors are mad at me for calling and nothing is done anyway. So unless I see or hear actual fighting going on, I usually don't call anymore.