Thursday, February 04, 2016

Product Review: 2Pcs [3 in 1 Series] Stylus pen by MeKo

From Manufacturer 
Using the latest technology, this Stylus gives you the convenience of dual tips, with the added bonus of an ink pen! Both stylus tips have been engineered to ensure a smoother slide and higher sensitivity than ever before.

One side THINNER rubber tip Features (Replaceable):

Thinner tip Design to ensure accuracy (Rubber Diameter:0.22-inch);
Replaceable tip Design to allow you change the tips when the tip wear out.

 Other side THIN Micro-Fiber tip Features (replaceable): Replacement Fiber tips Sold Separately

Thin Fiber Tip Design focus on Durability and Lasting.

Fine ball ink pen Features (refillable): The newly designed ink pen features the best quality refillable ink perfect for taking paper notes.

Stylus Specifications:
Compared with regular capacitive stylus tips, The MeKo 3-in-1 Thin Tip stylus have thinner tips on both rubber tip and Micro-Fiber tip !BUT not to be confused with fine point stylus tip!

What's in the package? 
2 Packs stylus (Black&Silver)
2 Pcs replaceable Rubber tips 
2 x Refill ink
1 x Warranty Card

Note: Size of rubber tips/Fiber tips do NOT vary!

My Review

My husband has a Kindle Fire and I bought him a Stylus a few months ago but it was big and bulky and he wanted something smaller, lighter and not as bulky. So when I saw this one, I thought he was like this better and since it came with two stylus pens, I really liked it. 

This comes with two stylus pens, two ink refills, and two rubber tip replacement heads as well as a little add on for your key chain. We both have larger fingers and I hate using my fingers with the Kindle because I always end up clicking on something I didn't mean to. Using a stylus is so much easier and more accurate. 

I really like that this has a rubber tip but that it also has a microfiber tip.  I really don't like the drag when using a rubber tip but the microfiber tip glides over the screen easily and I really like that much more. I might have to give one of these to my UPS man so the next time he has me sign my name I'm not using that rubber tip. 

If you'd like to buy this for yourself, you can find it here

Disclosure: I was given this product for free in exchange for an honest review.