Thursday, May 12, 2016

Product Review: Makeup Beauty Sponge Blender and Powder Brush Set

Product Description

ULTIMATE LUXURY - Beauty sponge blender comes with Kabuki brush in the most regal setting imaginable. Apply your makeup right like the queen that you are, both youthful and royal!

FLAWLESS - Two bright pink beauty velvety sponges and one retractable powder brush, all packaged together in a luxurious setting, ready for gift giving (a gift for you counts too!) Use the Beautilee beauty sponge for a flawless application of your foundation, that will make sure your make-up goes on and stays on streak free for an airbrushed look throughout the day.

SOFT - Made from 100% Latex-Free, antibacterial, cruelty-free vegan foam. The quality durable sponge expands in water, can be easily cleaned with any soap or Shampoo. The sponge is as soft as velvet - perfect for your daily makeup routine.

COMPLETE - Complete your daily makeup routine with the retractable Kabuki brush you can use for your powder or blush for a perfect airbrushed finish and a natural flawless look. 

My Review

When I saw all the different beauty foundation blenders on facebook, twitter and blogs, I knew that I wanted to try one. I mean it has to be easier to apply foundation than using your fingertips, right? I even took a look at the blender that my daughter had and when I felt how soft it was, I knew I wanted one too. 

So when I was asked to review this foundation blender and brush set, I jumped at the chance because this is exactly what I've been looking for. I was really surprised just how well the beauty blender worked. It make my foundation go on so easily and I don't get it all over my fingertips now. Plus it really does a great job of blending it in, especially when I use a light concealer under my eyes. It blends the two colors so well and so fast that I'll never go back to using my fingertips again. 

You can use the sponges dry or run them under water and squeeze them gently to use them wet. I've tried both ways and both ways work well. 

The brush is fully retractable and is easy to use and put the cap back on. When you need to clean the sponges you can apply a little soap and warm water and just squeeze and rinse until clean. 

If you'd like to purchase this for yourself, you can find it here

I give this make up set 5 out of 5 stars. 

Disclosure: I was given this product for free in exchange for an honest review.