Friday, March 29, 2024

Being Able To Co-Parent Well, IS Good For Your Kids

I really want to give a shoutout to my daughter and my grandson's father. While these two aren't together as a couple and haven't been for years, they co-parent together better than anyone else I know. 

They take my grandson out together all the time. They are friends and talk all the time. My grandson's father is a great guy and I don't throw praise out there willy nilly for people. My family thought it was weird for them to get along so well after they broke up because no one else in my family has been able to do that. These two broke the bad cycle of bad co-parenting and I'm so proud of them for that. 

In the past couple of months they even went and got similar tattoos. They both got a moon tattoo with similar colors. Different designs but they oddly match. 

And I know my grandson is a happy kid because his parents get along. They are both great parents and a good example of how you can co-parent together well, for the sake of your child. I wish I saw more stories of parents being able to do this than the fighting and arguing that we usually see when parents break up and are no longer together.