Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Book Review: Christmas At Last by Sydney St. James


Book Description

Christmas comes early this year for those who wait…

Franz, SigurĂ°ur, Adem, and Yiannis have been waiting decades to see if the urban legend about a matchmaker that specializes in monster matches will come through for them. They did the ritual. They trusted the process. And nothing has happened. They're almost out of hope when their number is up, and it's the worst timing for the best thing in their life to happen.

Mary used to love Christmas. That was before her ex dumped her due to her chronic illness not fitting his cookie cutter life plan. Now she has to live in his shadow, literally. She can look out her window and see the house they were supposed to grow a family in. It would be easier to pretend her heart hadn't been shattered if he'd leave her alone.

After the most hectic day, Mary trudges home with an ancient book to curl up with by the fire. Only she gets more than she bargained for when she opens the book and four hunky monsters appear. Has the opportunity for love come too late? Or will these five hearts find more than Christmas cheer this season?

Author Note: This book was previously published as Holiday Horrors. After listening to reader feedback, I've changed the name to better meet reader expectation. No one wants to be disappointed!

My Review

Mary is heartbroken that her ex broke up with her because of her medical condition. But things with him are not good because he's changed and is mean to her now. They both work at the same place and he's become down right antagonistic towards her for no reason. So when she brings an old book home to read and opens it, she gets the surprise of her life. 4 monsters pop out and she's not expecting what happens next with them. 

They have been waiting for their mate but didn't expect the matchmaker to mate them with a human, so they aren't sure this is going to work out. One of the men is Krampus and another is Yule Cat- a cat shifter. The others are different monsters but as they get to know her and they tell her who and what they are and how they came to her, she's starting to realize that maybe she might find her happily ever after if she can make things work with all of them and finally get rid of her ex. They can all shift between their monster side and human looking sides so that they don't scare the neighbors, just don't get them mad. 

When Mary Finds out that the guys have tried to enter a gingerbread baking competition back home at Christmasland and have always come in last because they really can't bake, she offers to help them because she loves to bake. This competition brings them all closer and shows them all what it would be like to be in each others lives. 

These guys are great. They might be monsters but they treat her better than she has ever been treated and they have loving hearts. At times this was super spicy as you can imagine with 4 guys but it was also super sweet. This was such a fun read. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.