Saturday, October 09, 2021

Book Review: Wildfire Phoenix by Zoe Chant


Book Description

His touch makes her burn.
And that's the one thing she must never do...
Blaise can’t afford to lose control. She can’t let her inner monster rise. Not ever again.

Even if that means denying her own feelings… and her fated mate.

But that’s okay. She’s used to repressing her animal, and her desires. She can keep her distance from him, no matter what her friends think.

Nothing has to change. After all, he can’t possibly feel the same instant, soul-deep connection. Despite the way his dark eyes seem to look straight into her heart, seeing everything she tries to hide… he’s not a shifter.

At least, not anymore.

With his own animal dead, he never needs to know that she’s his mate...


My Review

Zephyr was thought to have perished when the Thunderbird set fire to his home when he was a kid but that's not what happened at all. Zephyr became one with the Thunderbird and has been lost to it because he performed the ritual without having an anchor to call him back. When his mom and sister perished in the fire, his uncle Buck thought he had perished as well but he's been around all along. 

Blaise is a black phoenix shifter but she can never let her control slip for a moment and let her animal take control. If that happens, her father who is also a phoenix, would die because there can only be one phoenix. 

Buck finally puts two and two together and realizes who the Thunderbird is, so he shoots it with a tranq full of something that should suppress the animal and bring Zephyr back to him but Zephyr sleeps in a coma for several months before waking up. Blaise is there when he wakes up and she knows right away that they are mates but it takes Zephyr a little longer to put the pieces together. As Blaise tries to keep control of her animal, she and Zephyr get to know one another and she learns more about him. Zephyr has learned how to slip into people's dreams and Blaise comes along with him several times which was fun because they see things they probably shouldn't but also get to know one another better.

This series is a spin off from the Fire & Rescue Shifters series, so in the Wildfire Crew we see the Firefighter's kids making a name for themselves as a hotshot firefighting team. So it was a lot of fun to see the parents show up in this book since I had read that series first. When Uncegila, the serpent queen who has been fighting them and sending monsters at them in the previous books, finally makes an appearance and possesses one of their own, they all work together to get rid of her.

While this story starts out a little slowly, it picks up really quickly and the action and story just get better.

But the best part of this book was the ending. That ending made me laugh out loud. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.