Saturday, July 09, 2016

Review: Universal Yums Subscription Box

Universal Yums is a monthly subscription box that sends you snacks from all over the world. A different place each month. This is the June 2016 box. (I write my posts about a month ahead of time so that's why this is posted this month. I always have about 30-40 blog posts scheduled at any time) 

There are two box sizes to choose from. The 6 or more snacks or 12 or more snacks. I chose the 6 or more snacks box.  For my box size, it's $13.00 a month. And they sent quite a bit in my box. The other box costs $25.00 a month. 

So I was sent 17 snacks in my box. Candies, cookie, chips and fruit candies. This months box is from The USA. You would think that since I'm from the US that I would be familiar with most of these things but the only thing I was familiar with were the candies. 

I picked up the dark candy on the bottom row because I saw it said, "Praline" on it. I love pralines so when I opened it and took a bite of it and started chewing, I knew something was wrong. It was hot! So I took a better look at the package and saw it said Habanero Praline. More like burning ass hot praline.  It was hot. The hotness of the it over powered the yumminess of the praline so for me it wasn't enjoyable. 

Next thing I tried was the Chesapeake Crab potato chips. Did you see in the second picture where in the corner it said salt and spicy? I didn't because I used a pair of scissors to cut the top off. *Facepalm* It was spicy hot and bitter. Not good. I don't know who put this box together but I swear not all of us from the US like spicy foods. We're not all rednecks who drink beer, eat spicy pork rinds and drive pick up trucks. And I can say that because my family is all kinds of redneck, but not the wear my jammies to Walmart type redneck.

So next I tried the black and white cookie and that was good, tasted like a pound cake cookie with vanilla and chocolate frosting. 

The Abba Zaba candies are white chewy taffy on the outside with a thin layer of peanut butter on the inside. I used to have those all the time when I was a kid and they're still good. And of course I liked the Salt Water Taffy, I buy that and keep in the candy jar so that was a favorite for me. 

So for the most part it was a good box with a couple of spicy flops.