Thursday, August 09, 2012

It's A Boy!

We found out today that my daughter is having a boy. She is 13 weeks pregnant and the baby was moving all over the place while she had her ultrasound. 

I'm gonna have a grandson. 

A Hamster Story

This was Bambi, a hamster we had a few years ago. I thought I would share a funny story with you about my very first hamster.

The first time I had a hamster my grandma bought the little guy for me after my mouse died, I called the pet shop because I thought he was choking on his food when he stuffed his pouches so full. I was so upset and the guy couldn't stop from laughing and trying to calm me down and tell me he was ok. Then I saw him empty his pouches and thought he was My grandma almost lost it after that she and the guy on the phone were laughing so much. 

After sitting next to the cage for about an hour and watching this crazy animal stuff his pouches several times and deposit the stash in spots all over the cage, I calmed down and didn't think he was choking anymore but my grandma called my mom and grandpa and anyone else she could think of to tell them how I freaked out and thought he was choking and called the pet shop and how the poor pet shop guy couldn't stop laughing. 

I see how it would be funny to have a 12 year old on the phone trying to explain that the hamster isn't choking and is only stuffing his pouches, but he probably could have stopped laughing for a few