Thursday, February 17, 2022

Book Review: Braxx by Cara Bristol


Book Description

She’s given up on love, but this alien hasn’t given up on her…

If there’s anything Holly Hansen has learned it’s that falling for a persuasive charmer is a sure path to a broken heart. It happened when her fiancĂ© abandoned her just when she needed him most. Everything about the smoking-hot alien, Braxx, reminds her of her ex: his good looks, his confidence, his persistence. He won’t take no for an answer and shows up night after night at the restaurant where she works. It’s enough to wear a girl down, make her doubt her convictions, maybe hope that love can conquer the heartbreak of the past…

Dakonian Braxx is a simple man with simple needs: find a good woman and have a big family. With females in short supply on his planet, he heads for Earth through the Intergalactic Dating Agency. The instant he meets Holly Hansen, his horns begin to throb, and he realizes she’s the ONE. His Fated Mate. He can’t wait to settle down with her and make beautiful babies together. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to recognize they’re meant to be together. But he didn’t come this far to give up easily, and he hopes that with patience and baby steps, he’ll win her heart.

Just when it seems he’ll succeed, Holly’s past comes back to haunt them. Can a heartbreak be too deep for love to fix?

My Review

Braxx is Drakonian and he's among other aliens who came to Earth hoping to find their mates. His planet is very cold after an asteroid hit it and birth rates have dwindled because females are hardly ever born on his planet now. So they had to look to other planets in order to find mates. Our government allows this because they trade an ore only found on their planet that we really want. Braxx knows that Holly is his mate but she's not interested after her ex treated her badly. But Braxx isn't going to give up so easily. So while he gives Holly some time, he becomes a big brother to a little boy, learns our language better and tries to think of ways to win Holly over. 

Holly was dumped by her now ex after he found out something about her. But he was a rich, pompous jerk so it was good that she got away from him when she did. But now she's gun shy about relationships and doesn't really think she's worthy of Braxx even though he's made it clear that he wants to get to know her better if she'll only give him a chance. 

Once they are thrown together and she see's that he really is a great guy and they start to date, it's only some slight miscommunication that gets in their way but not for long. I've been reading this series and love getting to know all the Drakonian aliens because they are great and want nothing more than to find their mates and make them happy. 

There's a bit of a sub plot about the foster care system and how messed up it can be but the ending was really good and made me smile. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.