Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Book Review: The Dragon King by T.B. Wiese


Book Description

The Dragon King is a spin-off novella with characters from The Elemental. While it's not necessary to read The Elemental first, it will make the cameo appearances more enjoyable.
This is a dark paranormal romance with dragon shifters.

I am the King of the Dragon Shifters. I love my people. I love my kingdom. My abnormal strength, unique molten fire, and inky shadows helped me win & hold my throne. There have been many challengers after the crown, and I’ve fought and killed each one. This latest challenger will be no different.

But I have a new and unexpected motivation to win this time ... HER.
When Tatha walked into my castle, my dragon fire raged through my body ... calling to her.

My Mate.

The Mountain has been my home my entire life. My clan prefers solitude, and we shunned our human forms centuries ago. Living as my dragon is all I've ever known. Yet, here I stand before the King, as a woman ... for the sake of my dying father.

Yet my body responds to the King. My dragon calls to him. But with a challenger after Kemremir's throne, I fear I may be the one vulnerability the king can't afford.

My Review

When Tatha visits Kem at his castle to ask a last request for her dying father, she never expected to find her mate but that's exactly what she finds. Kem knows right away that Tatha is his mate but she's there to help her dying father so he grants her request. But as they spend time together it's quite apparent that they can hardly keep their hands off each other. So while Kem is trying to give her space to grieve her father, he's also keeping her close because he doesn't want to lose her or for her to refuse him as a mate. 

While all that is going on someone also challenges Kem to a fight for the throne but he's not worried since he is fierce and has beat all the other challenges. But this time they plan to cheat and Kem has someone that he cares about so it's not as easy as he thinks it is. 

This book starts off a bit slow as we get to know all the parties involved and watch Tatha mourn her father. They are all dragons shifters so their customs are a big part of this story. I really liked Kem, he was gentle when he needed to be, gave her time to mourn her father while also making sure she knew he wanted her as a mate. But was a fierce King and had these neat shadows/smoke around him that none of the other dragons shifters had which made him very unique. 

This was a very interesting and different dragon world from what I've read before so it was fun to learn about them and watch the romance blossom between Kem and Tatha, all the while people are plotting behind him to overtake the throne. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.