Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Review: A Way With Words by Kitt Crescendo

Book Description

Kalina Santos went to Nashville to lick her wounds and regroup. A random encounter with a stranger leads her to adventure and a new career opportunity.

Country star, Drew Kendall, was jaded and worried about losing his band. The last thing he expected was to be intrigued by a brown-eyed beauty with no idea who he was.

Drew never intended to hurt his bandmate, Ty. But carelessness has consequences and some things can’t be undone.

One woman. Two bandmates. Will Kalina come between them, or is between them where she’s meant to be? If love is a song, what happens when the tune of your heart sounds more like a trio? Will outside forces generate discord and sharp notes, or can three unique souls blend to create the perfect harmony? You won’t want to miss a beat of this love ballad.

My Review

Kalina picked up her life after her fiance cheated on her. She makes a complete break, moves away and goes to stay with her friend, Jude. Once on the plane Kalina makes friends with a sexy cowboy named Drew. The flirtatious banter between them was so much fun. One thing leads to another and I'll never know how they didn't get caught! They never even exchanged names by the time they got off the plane when it landed. 

So when Kalina gets a job as a song writer where Jude works and Drew spots her, he's more than a little surprised. Their second meeting doesn't go as well as the first one but things quickly get better once they start talking. Drew is a country singer and Ty is the drummer for the band.

Ty is engaged to a conniving shrew of a woman who Kalina finds to be desperate to sink her claws into a man who can shower her with gifts and money. When Ty finally comes to his senses and calls off the engagement he's left emotionally vulnerable but is up for a threesome with Drew and Kalina when the opportunity arises. Ty's ex doesn't leave easily and makes more trouble for him before finally going away.

Ty and Drew have been best friends for a long time but now they have more intense feelings for each other as well for Kalina. It was fun watching them learn to have a relationship between the three of them and watch the guys figure out what they're new relationship was. They were stronger together so when a problem appears for them and it involves all of them, they lean on each other to get through it. 

Kalina is a strong, funny character who fits in really well with both of these guys. Ty and Drew are so much fun to watch, I really liked them and they are sexy as hell together as well when they're with Kalina. While Drew is the smooth talking charmer, Ty is a bit of a dominant alpha male. They make for quite the fun threesome. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.