Thursday, June 09, 2005

And this is why they call me the hamster lady

My daughters friend came back over yesterday and told me that her father was going to throw the hamster in the trash if she didn't find someone to take it. I went outside and got the hamster and brought it in, ken just looked at me like yeah, ok. Hamster lol I mean really what was he going to do? lol
Anway, Annie tells me that her dad has been telling her that he was going to step on it or put it in the garbage, and that just made me mad. Annie is just 8 years old. You don't say stuff like that to a young kid.
Now I'm normally a very quiet person. Really I am. lol
but make me mad and all bets are off.
I took the hamster Hamster and I didn't have enough money to get a cage this month and she brought it over in a small bowl, covered in oatmeal. Envious It was ridiculous. The poor thing had oatmeal stuck to it's paws and underbelly.Annie didn't know any better, she thought oatmeal would be good bedding material and it would eat it too. So after I got it cleaned up I was wondering what I was going to put him in. I remembered that 2 months ago I bought this huge tupperware thing. I didn't know why I was buying it at the time and it has been sitting in my closet ever since. But it was just right for him for now. It's deep enough he can't get out and long enough he has alot of room to move around. So I set it up with a water bottle, bedding, food and food bowl and toys and he's so happy.
Then I went to talk to that stupid father of hers' Mad Gosh he was like well I told her not to bring it in the house. Like duh, you idiot don't let her she's only 8 years old. I yelled at him and told him If I ever find out he's treated another animal like this one I would call animal control on him. He said he can't have animals in his apartment, I was like that didn't stop you from letting annie have a hamster in here. I don't understand why he didn't tell her to take it back the day she brought it home, she got it from another little girl. What an ass.
I told him he was the adult and needed to set an example for his kid and telling her he was going to step on it or throw it away was no way for an adult to act. No No No He got mad at me and told me I needed to mind my own business, I said he was the adult Screamer and when you take in an animal you have a responsibility to take care of it. He just told me have fun with it and get out. What an ass.

Pulling My Hair Out