Saturday, February 27, 2021

Review: Her Vampire Master (Midnight Doms book 2) by Maren Smith


Book Description

I take my pleasure where and when I please.
But nothing’s sweeter than the taste of a submissive woman--one who wants revenge.
She’s smart, brazen, fearless when she ought not to be.
I’ll teach her the monster living in the shadows can and will hunt her back.
But the creatures who killed her sister want to take her from me.
I won't allow it.

She belongs to me now.
Only by me.

Note: Her Vampire Master is a standalone romance by USA Today Bestselling Author Maren Smith starring a dominant vampire and the human he comes to crave. No cheating, HEA guaranteed. It is book one in the Midnight Doms series, a spinoff of Renee Rose and Lee Savino's bestselling Bad Boy Alpha series.

My Review

Merris had a twin sister, Jez but they were separated when their parents died when they were children. They were put in separate foster homes and that's when Merris started having dreams of what her sister was going through. So when Jez dies, was murdered, Merris is sure she knows who did it because she got glimpses in dreams about what happened to her sister the night she died. 

Aleron is a vampire and frequents Club Toxic but he's a little shocked when he spots Merris who is the spitting image of her now dead sister, Jez. 

When Merris goes into Club Toxic she doesn't know that it's a BDSM club for vampires. All she knows is it's the last place her twin was seen alive. Because she's had dreams of who her sister saw on the last night she was alive, she knows Aleron is who she has come to see when she spots him in the club. Aleron is shocked to see Merris but knows moments after the shock wears off that she has to be Jez's twin sister because she's a little different and he can tell that she already hates him which amuses him. 

Aleron motions Merris over to his table to find out what she wants and after speaking her and taking her into the dungeon because she wanted to see everything her sister did with him, he drinks her blood, wipes her memory of him and sends her home. But Merris isn't going to forget everything, she has visions of the future so she's shocked and so is he when he comes to her aid outside the club and she has a vision of what he really is a short time later. Aleron has no choice but to help her since someone tried to shoot and kill her. She knows what he is but she's still attracted to him and he finds her more interesting than any other woman in a really long time.

Keeping her and himself safe is no easy thing especially when the Vampire King's mate thinks Merris might have had something to do with the slaughter of a bunch of shifters. But keeping her safe is a good way for them to get to know one another better. He fell for her so fast and she fell for him after getting over the shock of finding out that vampires exist. Finding out who wanted her dead, why and what Aleron would do about it seemed to come to a conclusion really fast. But this was a fun book to read mostly because I liked watching Aleron and Merris get to know each other and realize that they were meant to be. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.