Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Book Review: Court of the Vampire Queen by Katee Robert


Book Description

Three Powerfully Alluring Vampire Men and One Queen to Rule Them All.

All Mina ever wanted was to escape her father's control. Half human, half vampire, she lived eternally torn between two worlds, never fully experiencing the pleasures of either―until her father chose her as the pawn in his latest political move, gifting her to the darkly powerful and dangerously seductive Malachi Zion.

Malachi is not a vampire to be trifled with. He rules with an iron fist and has a reputation for the darkest of sins. But the longer Mina spends with him, the more she realizes he's not the monster she first thought―and as fear bleeds into lust, then trust, then something more, Malachi opens Mina up to a world she never knew could be hers for the taking: including the love of Malachi's two closest friends and companions.

Now surrounded by all three men, the center of their shockingly seductive world, Mina may finally have the power to face down her father and take back the life―and crown―that by all rights should be hers.

My Review

When Mina is sent to Malachi to be his food and to hopefully get pregnant by him so her father has something to hold over his head to get his compliance, she is not happy about it at all. Her father who is a vampire and powerful politically, has never shown Mina any affection. Mina is a dhamphir, meaning the offspring of her powerful vampire father and a human mother who wasn't treated any better than any other human when she was alive. She tried to get out of being sent to Malachi but she was beaten severely as punishment for defying her father. She knows that if Malachi is able to get her pregnant, her father or his people will come snatch her up, keep her prisoner until her child is born and then probably kill her since her usefulness will be done. Her child will be a pawn to keep Malachi in line which does not sit well with her or Malachi. 

Malachi knows full well why her father sent Mina to him. Her father is the reason he hasn't been able to leave him home in a long while and now her father is using Mina to try and get a better hold on him but Malachi has friends that may be the key to helping he and Mina beat her father. Malachi is nothing like Mina thought he would be. While he does bite her and use her blood to nourish himself, he hasn't made a move to bed her right away and she isn't sure why. Malachi talks to her and let's her know that he understands that her father is using the both of them but he thinks if they work together they might be able to beat him. 

When Wolf shows up, he just adds to the already weird relationship that Malachi and Mina are forging. Wolf makes it known to both of them that he's attracted to Mina and wouldn't mind her sharing his bed. So when yet another of Malachi's friends, Rylan shows up but isn't instantly infatuated with Mina the way Wolf and Malachi obviously are, there's a bit of a problem between the friends at first. But Rylan is older than both Malachi and Wolf and can sense something different about Mina that the others haven't realized yet. When they set out to figure out a way to break the block in Mina's mind and set her true self free, they get more than they bargained for to say the least. 

Now the four of them together may have enough power to overthrow her father and take hold of the crown that she should have had to begin with as her father's heir. They face a lot of danger from her father and come face to face with a demon who seems sneaky but who also might have ulterior motives for helping them. I really liked the ending and plan on reading more from this author since I loved this book a lot. If f/m/m/m romance bothers you or very explicit sexual situations are not your thing then this might not be for you, but if you like those things then I would tell you to delve head first into this book because it was a seriously sexy read. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. 

Disclosure: I was sent a free copy of this book via mail from the publisher. I would like to thank SourceBooks Casablanca for the copy of this book.