Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Book Review: Matched With A Jaguar by Eva Pierce


Book Description

Chloe Bennett isn’t interested in dating, but her close friends want to see her happy after a pretty bad breakup. One of her friends introduces her to Meet-A-Mate, a dating app for shifters. Chloe’s unsure at first, but as soon as she makes a match with one of them, she is completely captivated.

Javier Rodriguez likes to keep a low profile, but what else can you expect from a jaguar shifter? He’s content being on his own, but his inner jag is telling him it’s high time he finds his mate. When he matches with Chloe, he can’t wait to introduce her to his world. But will his big cat aloofness turn her away?

My Review

Chloe didn't know about a dating app to meet shifters until one of her friends told her about it. Because the shifters are looking for a long term relationship, and they want to find their mates Chloe thinks this might be a good way to start dating again after her bad break up with her ex. 

The first guy she's matched with is a Jaguar shifter named Javier. Neither one thinks that this is the one but they meet up anyway to see how things go. At first Javier isn't very talkative but quickly realizes that he likes her and he's not putting in as much effort as he should. So after a while they realize they really like each other. It was fun watching them realize they were meant for each other. 

This was a cute, quick novella. It was a complete story and a fun quick read. 

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.