Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My Favorite Zazzle iPhone Cases

Even though I don't currently have an iPhone, I do like to look at the accessories, especially the different cases for them. I never would have imagined just how many variations there are. 

I like this unicorn iPhone case because I used to collect unicorns and still have a few statues as well as quite a few hanging pictures on my walls and one of the unicorn pictures on my wall looks a lot like this gorgeous guy. I find this iPhone case very ethereal. If you like it you can find it on Zazzle right here.

I also like this one for obvious reasons to anyone who knows me. Skulls! Need I say more? I didn't think so. But I found this one to be exceptional because at first I didn't even see the skull, it didn't pop right out at me. It took a second for me to see it. It reminds me of art, like an art sculpture that's open to interpretation. And if you like it as much as I do, you can find it on Zazzle right here.

Flowers always make me feel cheerful. I don't know about you but there's just something about a pretty flower pattern that makes me smile most times. This one reminds me of a Hawaiian picture. While I've never actually been to Hawaii, I do have a couple of friends who live there and I love looking at the pictures they post. Now whenever I see flowers I think of Hawaii and who wouldn't smile thinking of all that beautiful scenery? If you like this one you can find it on this page that features all kinds of other flowered iPhone cases.

If you're like a lot of other people, you've probably seen the movie Frozen. I haven't seen it but there is a Frozen theme going on right now on Once Upon A Time the show and I have to say I'm really liking it. Maybe even enough to watch the movie frozen...maybe, we'll see. But there are a lot of other Disney themed iPhone cases to chose from on the page I found this one on. Just go here

If you didn't take a fancy to any of these, you can always visit the pages on that I found these 4 cases on and see if there's something you do like. 

You can find the pages here and here

Snake Food: Live vs Dead


While in the wild most snakes will kill their prey to eat. Snakes also eat whatever they find, even if it's dead. So the idea that a pet snake needs to be fed live prey is a myth that needs to be dispelled.

Live Prey
Snakes will eat a variety of small animals and insects; some will even eat goldfish swimming around in a small bowl of water. Small snakes such as garter snakes can eat worms, insects and goldfish. Most of these animals and insects cannot harm a pet snake when placed into its cage.

Larger snakes require larger meals such as mice, hamsters, and rabbits. Some snake owners will use free kittens as snake food, or find free rats and use them as snake food. Putting a live mouse into a cage with a snake could be a lethal mistake for both of the animals. Mice, hamsters and rabbits will fight to live, inflicting bite after bite to the snake until they take their last breath.

There have been instances where snakes have been so badly bitten by their prey that they actually die from infection or a lethal bite to the head. Live prey can also have mites or fleas that can infect a snake.

Dead Prey
When we speak of dead prey usually we mean frozen mice, hamsters and rabbits. These food animals are humanely killed and then frozen to use as food for snakes and other reptiles. Being in a freezer will kill off any mites, fleas or other pests that might have infested their fur and gotten onto a pet snake or in its cage if they had been fed alive.

This is also a more humane way for prey animals to die. It's not humane for an animal such as a baby hamster to live their last few moments in pure terror, being slowly suffocated to death when there are safer more humane ways to feed the pet snake.

To feed a snake dead prey, all that is required is to thaw the prey animal out either at room temperature or in a bag surrounded by warm water and then dropped into the pet snake's cage. The snake will know what to do with it.

Most snake owners think their snakes will not eat pre killed animals but they will and it's a more humane way to feed a pet snake.