Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Review: Selenium Night by Kharma Kelley

Book Description

ShadowShifters - Shapeshifting wolf creatures that love as fiercely as they fight.

Aidan Bloodlocke never dreamed he was a wolf Shifter, much less an Alpha. When a pack takes him in, his entire world changes, and loyalties are developed. Then disaster strikes, and he's on a ruthless mission for justice.
When veterinarian Maddie Ardelle moved to Bridgepoint, Maine, to start a normal, peaceful life on her own, she didn't expect to get herself caught in the crossfire of two factions of violent, feuding werewolves. And definitely not entangled with a sexy biker shifter that made her weak in the knees. Against their will, Maddie and Aidan's worlds collide, and with an attraction so enthralling, both are helpless to resist.

As Aidan struggles to fight for both love and duty, he uncovers a betrayal so heinous, it puts the lives of his entire pack and the brave woman he desires at unthinkable risk. The stakes are high, and both must decide if Maddie ultimately can live in his violent world of teeth and claw in this action-packed paranormal romance series!

My Review

There are two kinds of shifters in this book, the Aristans and the Thesians. They were both created by a moon goddess who were sisters. Arista created the Aristans and they were supposed to worship both sisters but they really only cared about the goddess who created them. Arista's sister was mad about that so she created the Thesians to kill her sisters Aristans.

Aidan Bloodlocke was adopted by a Aristan family, though his 'brother' never accepted him and things got worst when Aidan beat his adopted brother, Kiernan and became alpha of his pack. Kiernan betrayed the pack with the help of a pack member as well as a few Thesians and the results were awful. 

Kiernan runs from the pack but Aidan tracks him, finds him and brings in help to try and deal with him. But while Aidan is searching for Kiernan he runs into Maddie who is in trouble and even though she's a human he can't just leave her to get hurt. For some strange reason that he can't understand, he's drawn to the human and can't stop thinking about her but Aristan's have a strict rule about keeping away from humans so he knows that his attraction can never go anywhere. 

Maddie is the town veterinarian and when we first meet her she's dealing with a total jerk who got bit by his girlfriend's dog and the dog got hurt presumably by the boyfriend, Evan. I really wanted Evan to get hit by a truck, he was a complete jerk and bully. The fact that the girlfriend put up with this guys behavior, just pissed me off. 

Then Aidan finds out that Kiernan is gathering Thesians to make his own pack and Aidan knows that when he gets a big enough pack he will be coming after him for revenge. Aidan has no choice but to ask others that he never thought he would be asking, for help. But while all this family and pack drama is going on, there's also a really hot romance between Maddie and Aidan that I really liked. These two are so great together and I liked watching Aidan change his mind about humans and open his heart to Maddie. 

There was so much action towards the end of this book and so much backstory and world building in the beginning of this book that it really kept my attention front beginning to end. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. 

Disclosure: I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.