Thursday, March 12, 2015

Review: Forever After by Linda Poitevin

Book Description
The epilogue you’ve been waiting for! 
Wedding bells are in the air, but single mom Gwynneth Jacobs and Hollywood mega star Gareth Connor are finding that the road to matrimony is anything but smooth. Each thinks they’re doing what’s best for the other, but with everything from the paparazzi to an overzealous wedding planner getting in their way, they may have lost touch with what exactly that is. With Gwyn developing decidedly cold feet over the whole event, can they reconnect with what’s truly important in time for their upcoming nuptials? Or will they have to face the possibility their lives may just be too different after all?

My Review
Gwynneth and Gareth want to get married but because he's famous and has other people like his manager telling him what he should do like have a big wedding to please his fans...his soon to be wife is feeling a bit overwhelmed by the massive wedding that the wedding planner has come up with for them. 

In comes Gareth's mother to the rescue so to speak. She can tell something is wrong with her soon to be daughter in law and tells her son to open his eyes and listen to Gwynneth and find out what's wrong. 

Plans change, people are going to be upset, the paparazzi are on the loose taking pictures they never should have been able to take and poor Gwynneth is about to have a melt down. 

The kids in the story were so very cute and I thought they really added to the realism of what it's like to live with kids around. 

This is the first book from this author that I've read but I doubt It'll be the last. I really enjoyed this story but have to say if my soon to be husband wanted to hire a housekeeper for me...I'd probably say yes before he finished his sentence. But I can absolutely understand why Gwynneth kept saying no to it. 

This was a really cute story and I really enjoyed it. I give this book 4 stars. 

Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of this book because I am a subscriber of this author's newsletter.