Thursday, April 14, 2022

Book Review: Her Donut Shifters by Mia Harlan


Book Description

Jetta hates donuts. Can three donut shifters change her mind?

When a donut shop opens down the street from my house, I want it gone. Then I meet the three delicious owners and fall in love at first sight. There’s just one problem—they shift into the one thing I hate most: donuts.

Can my three fated mates, a few dozen sugary treats, and a little bit of magic help us set aside our differences and find our happily ever after?

Her Donut Shifters is a short, fun-filled, steamy, reverse harem romcom featuring a witch who hates donuts and three shifters who love them. It stands alone and comes complete with quirky characters, laugh-out-loud moments, steamy shenanigan with donuts, and a happily-ever-after. Grab a sugary snack and get your copy today!

My Review

Jetta hates donuts. She hates how they smell and doesn't eat them. So when a donut shop opens near where she lives, she sends them letters asking them to get a witch to mask the smell coming from their shop. They don't which makes her really mad. So when she meets a woman and is invited back to her shop for a coffee, she goes but there seems to be a spell on the coffee she's served. Jetta is a witch and can detect the spell but doesn't think it's malicious so she drinks it anyway and then gets in her car to go home, only to find herself in front of the donut shop. Because the spell on the coffee was to help her find her fated mate or mates and now she can't stop herself from going inside the donut shop. 

Inside the shop she finds three shifted donuts. At first she is horrified to think that her fated mates are donuts and then they start to shift and she realizes that they are donut shifters and they also shift into men. Three gorgeous men who are all her fated mates and they show her that donuts aren't that bad. 

This book was definitely different. I love a shifter romance but I've never read one where the shifters shifted into inanimate objects. So while it was a cute, sweet romance. It was also kinda strange. It was a fast paced novella though and I did laugh while reading it. 

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.