Thursday, May 13, 2021

Falor and His New Toy Bear

So I got a Snuggle Bear for Falcor. He loves stuffed animals and when I say loves, I mean he loves to tear them apart and destroy them. I thought you all would find this as funny as I did. This look pretty much says it all. "I will destroy you."

Test bite. Gimme the bear.

I smell that sweet, sweet stuffing and want to rip it all out. 

You're mine now, buddy.

He threw it around, shook it and then started biting and tearing at the face.

Within 20 minutes, the nose was gone, and so was one of the eyes. Then he started chewing the mouth off. 

It only took 30 minutes to start seeing stuffing. Don't worry, he spits out everything he chews or pulls off of the toys. Always has. 

It's stuffing time!

Within 45 minutes from the time he got the bear, this is what happened. LOL 

Ok Mom, you may clean up my mess. I'm done for now. 

He went back at it about an hour later and got most of the stuffing out. Now he has another faceless, stuffingless bear to play with. He just loves tearing toys up.