Thursday, November 16, 2023

As an American, How Many Times A Day Do We See The American Flag?

I saw a comment on Twitter a while back that said Americans display the American flag on a lot of things and when they moved here from other countries they weren't expecting to see it everywhere. I think I was just so used to seeing it all over the place that I really didn't notice how many times a day I would see it. So I thought I would take a picture every time I saw the American Flag in one day and see how many times that would be. We are a very patriotic people so I figured I would see a few. I never left my neighborhood for this either.

The first one I spotted was on the back of this guys truck. He had two American Flags back there. 

While out walking with Falcor, I noticed the one by McDonald's. 

Right next to the McDonald's. I'm not sure if all McDonald's have them displayed. 

The show I was binge watching this week I noticed that most of the people in Law Enforcement and Government jobs were wearing flag lapel pins. 

If you've watched Billions, you might have seen this. 

Flag postage stamps. 

There's a flag on the apartment building right next to mine. 

I remember after 9/11 everyone had a flag on their car and their homes. I did as well. It was a way to show solidarity with all other Americans, it was a symbol that binds us together. Personally, it's a symbol of pride and respect. I feel lucky to live in the US, and see the flag as a symbol of the US and respect it because of that. 

I think a lot of Americans feel the same way and that's why we display our flag so often.