Thursday, November 10, 2016

Just Some Pictures of Where I live

Recently a lot of you have been posting pictures of what it looks like around where you live so I thought I might do the same since I keep saying I see dirt, shrubs and cactus where I live. I'm not joking when I say that. lol 

*You can click on any of the pictures I post to enlarge them a little.*

The one above is right next door to my apartment complex. There is where I usually walk my dog. That tall wall on the right is the wall that separates us from the freeway. It's very noisy. 

Not many tree's around where I live and some of them are made of metal. Don't mind my dog, he's watering the rocks. lol

This picture was taken quite some time ago because my daughter is now 25 years old. But this does show you what Red Rock looks like. Red Rock is about a 30 minute drive from where I live in Las Vegas. Dirt, rocks, shrubs and get the idea.

This is my daughter now. She still likes going to Red Rock and hiking the trails. 

When she was little we would go to Red Rock and bury the hamsters when they passed away. That's what Ken and our daughter were doing here. Her hamster passed away and she picked this spot for her. You don't see many tree's in Red Rock but we managed to find a couple here.

Ken and our daughter quite a few years ago but as you can see unless you like hiking some of the trails or trying to hike to the top of some of the mountains here, there's not a lot to see. Rocks, shrubs, dirt. lol 

Sometimes on the road to Red Rock there will be wild burros that will stand there and let you get a picture with them. They do expect some food after the pictures though. People stop and feed them all the time and take pictures with them and the burros are really tame. That's me about 20 years ago. That's a Joshua Tree in the background.

Ken and our daughter standing next to a Joshua Tree. There are a lot of them in the Mojave Desert and in Red Rock. 

While walking a longer hike in the winter at Red Rock we came across this really cool spot. This was facing out but behind me where I was taking the picture were two really tall rocks about 10 feet apart and more of those desert shrubs you see next to Ken and Elizabeth were back in there. It was shaded and dark because the two tall rocks made it almost cave like. It was a neat find. We stopped there and ate lunch.