Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Book Review: My Alien Prince by Reverie Harwood


Book Description

Hunky green aliens aren’t what I signed up for…entirely.

After my fiancé left, I impulsively joined my sister on a spaceship for an Earth-sponsored trip to Xavia, a friendly, tropical planet with handsome, alien men.

Getting paid to vacation—was too good to be true. I woke up from stasis to find we’ve been dropped off to serve as wombs for the dying Xavian race. The Xavians are just as surprised as we are and treat us with respect, despite their population crisis. Another alien race has decimated their kind, and almost all their women.

Until Earth returns for their payment, I’m hosted by the Xavian Prince, Drex. As promised, he’s devastatingly hunky, but I’m not jumping into a relationship as quickly as I jumped onto that ship. I’ve learned my lesson, no matter how the sparks start to fly.

Bursting with sexy aliens, steamy fantasy, and smart charm, Rotha Mates of Xavia is a galaxy of dreamy romance and fated happy endings. Dive in.

My Review

Katy and her sister Sara get on a space ship for what they think will be a nice vacation. Katy will get paid for taking photographs of the alien planet and her debt from the wedding that didn't happen will be paid for. They are put into statis for the journey but once they arrive they find out that their government lied to them and they are there to help repopulate the alien species in exchange for some metals that are on the planet.

The aliens are shocked that the human government would lie to the women but make sure that they know that they will be treated well and are under no obligation to mate with anyone. The aliens are very good hosts. But another alien race, are a species everyone has to hide from because they can fly and will kidnap anyone outside. Though it's not really said what happens to them once they are taken, I was under the impression that they are killed and eaten. 

Drex is the alien prince and Katy is being hosted by him in his home. She is adamant that as soon as the ship comes back, she is leaving but the longer she and Drex are around each other, the more she starts to feel something for him. Drex already has feelings for her but is the perfect gentleman until she makes a move and lets him know that she wants more. 

The sex scenes were spicy! Oh my goodness, the author made these alien men, very alien and I liked it. But there is a bit of a miscommunication or not enough communication between them and they almost don't get their happy ending. Katy's sister finds herself mated to Vance, her alien host and they are very happy together so she doesn't want her sister to leave when the ship comes back for their payment of the alien metal. 

I really liked this story, I love the alien men and how gracious and nice they were. I would definitely recommend this if you like alien worlds and alien romance. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. 

Disclosure: I was give this book for free via NetGalley but all thoughts and opinions are my own.