Monday, January 17, 2011

Work on Your Website or Lose Subscribers

As most of you know I do a lot of hopping from this free sample blog to another one and also am a frequent flyer at romance blogs and horror forums. But more and more I'm seeing these websites, forums and blogs go the wayside ebcause the people who manage them, the owners and moderators of the sites just stop putting any effort at all into it then get all indignant and pissy when people leave and stop commenting and posting things on the website or forum.

I frequent a few forums that used to be hopping with new posts, people in the chat room, there was always something new to read, but then the owner and moderators decided to put their efforts into other things. Bigger MySpace pages, having everyone on their FB page, other websites associated with the original website that they want you to frequent also and when readership or the comments stop coming in because the people running the place are so busy with all these other things they want to do, they get pissy because they don't feel appreciated.

Well Boo Hoo, we don't want all that other crap, we want you to put a little effort into the original site/forum that we all came to in the first place. That's the one we like, that's the one that had all the people signing up for it and that's the one that is suffering because you guys are flitting hre and there and everywhere trying to make the site bigger and badder than all the other sites that are like yours.

When there's nothing going on at a website, forum or blog....they eventually just shut down and I've already experienced that several times. Several of the blogs I used to go to, just up and quit because the readership went down...while others wanted to stay in touch using Fb or some other reason. Whatever....if you want to keep people coming to your site, make an effort to get us there....or I'm leaving as will everyone else.