Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Favorite Picture of the Week

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I don't think I've talked about this before but that tall wall is actually the sound wall for I95. Directly on the other side of that wall is the freeway. This walk way is called the Bonanza Trail, it's actually a hiking and biking trail and this part of it is mostly sidewalk and rocks. This is where I take Falcor for a walk and it's quite noisy because the freeway is just a few feet away. 

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That tan building ahead on the right is actually my apartment building. With this picture you can see how close we are to the sound wall and the freeway. It's a noisy neighborhood, especially if something happens right here on the freeway because we can hear it all. We've heard car accidents, backfires from cars, tires blowing out and police and ambulances racing down the freeway with their sirens on. I believe that sound wall is about 30-40 feet tall. It's quite large. It might keep some of the noise from us but not much. But I'm glad it's there with all the different car accidents we've heard on the other side of it. And this is a nice little place to walk to take the dog out. A lot of people walk their dogs here.

Falcor likes to walk over here in the rocks.