Thursday, March 09, 2017

Review: Jersey Mike's Subs

This past Monday our daughter took Ken to Jersey Mike's to get us all sandwiches. We hardly ever eat out so when we do, I hope that the food is good or they at the very least get our order right. Well none of those things happened this time. I was so upset with the sandwiches, the drink that was supposed to be Pepsi and the tip fiasco that I decided the only way for me to warn others about this place was to write a review and share it on FB, Twitter, Yelp and my blog. And, I'll be tweeting out my review on Twitter every single day for the next 30 days because just once isn't anywhere near enough.

Here's the review I left on Yelp...

"My daughter took hubby over to Jersey Mike's sandwich shop and he bought 3 sandwiches, a foot long #9 and 2 of the 6 inch sandwiches of another number.Well we'll never go there again. They messed the sandwiches up, royally! They were told no onions on mine and they piled the onions on. By the time I finally got all the onions off, there was a huge handful of them on my plate, there were more onions than there was lettuce. The 2, 6 inch subs had no mayo or mustard but loads of oil and vinegar. The amount of meat on these sandwiches was laughable. The bread is hard and tasteless. But that wasn't even the worst thing. When Ken went to pay for the sandwiches with his debit card, it wouldn't let him proceed to pay for it until he picked a tip of either 10%, 15% or 20%. You should be able to leave a tip or not or leave it in cash if you want. And then I tasted the pepsi that he got me and I'll be damned, it wasn't pepsi but a combination of Mr. Pibb and watered down pepsi. I know I let Ken and Elizabeth both taste it and they agreed with me that it was some weirdo concoction and not the pepsi that they said it was. So my opinion is don't go to Jersey Mike's if you want a good sandwich. Pick a different place."

Now I don't want anyone getting the idea that we were upset we had to leave a tip. We always give a tip. What I was mad about was the fact that they had one of those Credit Card Swipe machines that won't let you proceed with your purchase unless you pick a tip. That makes the tip mandatory and tips ARE NOT mandatory! It's a gratuity that you give for good service. If there's a tip jar we always put cash in it. Now if you want a tip to be part of your bill, the owner should just increase the amount of money they charge for the sandwich and pay their employee's more. Simple really. But do not set up your credit card swipe machine so that you can't complete your purchase unless you select one of the tip amounts that you have pre selected for your machine. That's not right. My daughter said that she's seen these machines at other restaurants and if you ask the person if you can pay the tip in cash they will put in a code so you can proceed but not everyone knows that and there wasn't a sign telling anyone this. If I had been there and had seen this, I would have told them to keep the sandwiches and walked out without paying. As it was, we spent $35.00 for 3 sandwiches which is completely ridiculous. And on top of that they got the order wrong. Maybe train your employees better and make sure your drink machine isn't spitting out something other than what it's supposed to.

Moral of the story? Don't piss off a blogger.

Yesterday I received an email from someone at Jersey Mike's Franchise Systems, Inc. Asking if she could share my review with the franchise owner and would I mind sharing my telephone number with her to pass a long to them so this matter could be resolved. I declined to give out my number and said to me it's already been resolved because I'll just never eat there again so there's no need for any further contact.

Then today I get an email from Yelp telling me that my review was taken down...
"MAR 09, 2017  |  03:31PM PST
Hi Mary,

We wanted to let you know that we've removed your review of Jersey Mike's Subs. Your review was brought to our attention by the Yelp community, and we found that it fell outside our Content Guidelines because it appeared to be primarily based on someone else's customer experience.

We want to hear about your personal consumer experiences with local businesses. The best reviews provide context, detail and perhaps even a helpful tip or two. To learn more, check out our Content Guidelines at

Thanks for understanding, and we'll see you on Yelp!"

Could be a coincidence but I doubt it. Now I told the truth that I didn't go there and order the sandwiches but I tasted the sandwich and it sucked in my opinion. I saw the other two sandwiches that they got and no mayo could be seen on them and the amount of meat was laughable. I stand by my review. I was truthful that I didn't go there but I did see my own sandwich piled high with onions that both my daughter and Ken said they made sure to tell them not to put on my sandwich. So I saw no reason to give out my telephone number to the franchise owner to try and resolve this. Resolve it how? By giving me a free sandwich maybe? Because that's what most restaurants or fast food places do when you complain. Now why would I want a free sandwich from a place that I didn't like the first sandwich I got? No thanks.