Thursday, October 02, 2014

Review: Honeysuckle Prize Candle

I've seen quite a few candles that now come with jewels, trinkets and rings. I've been wanting to try one of these for a while but the price was a bit steep for me. So when I saw a Prize Candle offered on Swagbucks and I would get 515 Swagbucks for buying it, I went ahead and got it. If you have a Swagbucks account then you know that you can cash out for a $5 Amazon gift card for only 450 Swabucks so this was an incentive for me. 

I opted for the Honeysuckle scented Prize Candle and was happy when I smelled it once I opened the box. It smells really good, but will it transfer the scent to the room it's in once it's lit? That is what I usually have a problem with in getting these scented candles. They don't usually distribute the scent when they are lit. So I lit the candle and waited until some of the wax had melted. I can honestly say that I started smelling the scent from the candle right away. 

I put this candle in my kitchen and I smelled the scent of honeysuckle all the way into my bedroom. This is getting a 5 out of 5 star review for sure. 

Now I had to wait a while before enough of the candle had melted away before I could reach the 'prize' inside it. It took some work but I was able to get the ring out.

Inside each of these candles is a ring ranging in worth from $10 - $5,000 All you have to do to find out what your ring is worth is go back to the Prize Candle site, enter the code that is with your ring and they will tell you how much the ring is worth. 

So here's my ring, I think it's really pretty. So you're probably wondering how much it's worth, right? So according to the site, it's worth $25

The Prize Candle was $24.99 and shipping was $5.99 for a total of $30.98

Would I recommend Prize Candle? Yes, I would. I think people who like candles and like little surprises will love these.