Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Review: Rescued By the Alpha by Anna Santos and Alyssa Breck

Book Description

He stole the bride but ended up rescuing his mate. 

Getting kidnapped was the last thing Fiona expected on the day of her arranged marriage. Yet, the unthinkable happens, and she finds herself trapped in a cabin with an arrogant but gorgeous male who claims he’s doing this for her own good.

Alpha Joshua needs to do what’s best for his pack. That means he has to steal the young woman inheriting the Greenwoods Forest and prevent her from marrying his worst enemy. If Gareth lays his hands on those lands, he will do whatever is necessary to destroy it and evict the pack of wolves that have used it as their haven for hundreds of years. 

Fiona finds herself in the middle of an ancient feud between vampires and werewolves. Finding out that the products of nightmares roam the earth isn’t her biggest problem. Her fake fiancĂ©, Gareth, wants Fiona back, and he’ll do anything, including killing anyone who stands in his way. 

Joshua thought it would be simple to keep Fiona safe until she turned twenty-one and sold the land to him. But desire courses through his veins every time he looks at her. He wants to do more than protect her, he wants to claim her as his. When her fiancĂ© uses all his means to get her back, the alpha must step up to defend his mate and prevent the evil vampire from taking her … again. 

My Review

Fiona's father had taken to gambling and drinking ever since her mother had died but he really messed things up this time by losing everything they had to gambling. Now she's agreed to marry Gareth so he can control the protected forest she stands to inherit when she turns 21 in just a couple of weeks. They don't love each other and she knows if he were an honorable man he wouldn't be making her marry him. Everything seems to be going great until she's kidnapped before she can take the marriage vows. 

Andrew and Joshua had the same father but different mother's. Joshua is the alpha of his pack and Andrew comes with him to help him kidnap Fiona before she can get married. Josh plans on keeping her safe in his cabin until he can get her to sign over the land to him but things take a strange turn when one of his own pack betrays him to Gareth. 

Gareth is a vampire and wants the forest for his own reasons while Joshua and his pack are werewolves and use the forest to let their wolves out to run and to keep them safe and hidden from humans. 

Fiona agrees to stay with Joshua when she reads a letter from her father explaining why Gareth wanted to marry her and why he helped get her out of the marriage she never wanted to be in, in the first place. 

Joshua is such a nice guy who truly cares about Fiona and when they stop fighting the attraction they feel for each other, it's fireworks! These two were hot, sexy and adorable. There's a couple of great twists during the story that I didn't see coming which just made the story even better. For a novella, this book packed quite a lot of story. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.