Saturday, March 22, 2014

Weekly Rat Facts: Using Fleece As Bedding

I use mostly fleece material for everything in my cages. The liner for the bottom is fleece and the covering for the second level is a cotton baby blanket. The hammocks are also fleece. 

I also use fleece beds inside the igloo's so they have something soft to lay in and I put a cotton baby blanket inside the bed so they have something to burrow into and cuddle with. 

This is what one of the fleece beds looks like. 

Lucky's cage also has fleece lining the bottom, a baby blanket clipped onto the shelves so it's softer on his feet and a fleece hammock.

This picture shows what the binder clips are and how they are used to hold the fleece material or baby blankets to the shelf.

Marbles loves to burrow into his baby blankets. 

My boys have always loved the fleece cubes. Of course they chewed the heck out of them, but the love sleeping in them.

You can find fleece cubes, hammocks and 3 tiered hammocks like the green one in this cage.

I like using fleece because it's soft, easy for them to walk on and easy to clean. When it gets too chewed to keep, I just replace it and since it's pretty cheap, it's cheaper than buying the good bedding like Carefresh and less messy.

This red spider hammock has been around for years. I'm surprised that none of the boys who have called it theirs, have chewed it up. This was Brodie. 

Lucky in the same red spider hammock. They just love this thing.

I don't sew so I buy all of my fleece cubes, hammocks and cage sets from The Little Red Ladybug
This cage set pictured above and the one below are just 2 of the many she has made and as you can see you can pick from many different colors and patterns and get all matching if you want. 

I started out with a cage set just like one of these and have just replaced the things that my rats have chewed up, mostly I just buy new hammocks and cubes *cubes not pictured here*.