Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Now this wasn't right!!!!

So yesterday my Apartment managers came to me and ken and said they were in a real bind, that that managers from another apartment complex moved out the night before with out any kind of notice and they had been choosen to find their replacements and they wanted to know if me and ken wanted to be the next Managers of this 72 apartment complex. Well Yeah! Wakka Wakka
I was like yes, this would be great, a salary a free 2 bedroom apartment with all utilities paid. Sounded great to both of us. So they said they would talk to us more later yesterday. They never came back over and wouldn't answer their phone when we called. Hmm
So finally today we saw them in the parking lot and asked them about it and they said they actually wanted to ask someone else first ...(the lady managers best friend) but if they didn't want ithen we could have it. WTF??? Yelling
I looked at Ken and we both shook our heads and I said well just take us out of the consideration then, I'm not interested anymore. Yeah I was mad and they couldn't figure out why. Ken still thinks we should since the couple they asked said they weren't intersested and they came and told us that. But hey, that was just low what they did. Come and ask us first and then say oh wait I wanna ask someone else before I tell you , you can have it. Well why didn't they ask them first? Pissed
I've been totally ignoring my managers and they can Bite Me!~ I wouldn't help them now if they begged me to. No
You just don't do that and think everything is fine.