Saturday, November 10, 2012

When A Book Goes Too Far

Have a you ever read a book that took a turn that left you feeling sick? I've had that happen to me once or twice and you would think that I would say I was reading an erotic bdsm novel or some such thing at the time, right? Wrong. It was actually a Historical that I was reading that made my heart skip a beat and made me want to reach through the book and slap the heck out of the man.

It takes a lot to turn me off from a book, but some of those historicals have the men treating women badly and that is a real turn off for me. I only want to read about a woman being whipped or sent to the dungeon if she's into that sort of thing..*wink*

I know not all Historicals are like this, I've read a good number of them that were great but I don't like an author taking things to the extreme just because they are setting their book in a time where women really didn't have a lot of say, or rights and were often mistreated.

Is it weird then that I like Erotic BDSM books and stories? I've actually dabbled in writing a few short stories for Literotica and had fun doing it. I think I like them because you're reading about a story of consenting adults trying out things for the sake of pleasure and that makes all the difference.

Have you ever read a book that pushed your buttons or went to far for you?